Wooden Animal Play Sets

These wooden animal / dinosaur sets inspire storytelling and imaginative play.  Stack them, sort them and put them in the handy storage bag to take on your next adventure!

Dinosaur Play Set (Wood) Dinosaur Play Set (Wood) £20.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/dinosaur-play-set-(wood) Farm Animal Play Set (Wood) Farm Animal Play Set (Wood) £20.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/farm-animal-play-set-(wood) Woodland Animal Play Set (Wood) Woodland Animal Play Set (Wood) £20.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/woodland-animal-play-set-(wood) Bird Play Set (Wood) Bird Play Set (Wood) £17.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/bird-play-set-wood Zoo Play Set (Wood) Zoo Play Set (Wood) £22.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/zoo-play-set-wood Sealife Play Set (Wood) Sealife Play Set (Wood) £20.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/sealife-playset-wood