Lanka Kade Products

Lanka Kade offers quality toys but is also a brand trusted for its ethics.  There toys are designed in the UK but are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Sir Lanka. Lanka Kade have built long term trading partnerships that provide stability and protect local skills.

Dinosaur Play Set (Wood) Dinosaur Play Set (Wood) £20.00 Knight Skipping Rope Knight Skipping Rope £6.50 Farm Animal Play Set (Wood) Farm Animal Play Set (Wood) £20.00 Blue Knights Set Blue Knights Set £17.00 Woodland Animal Play Set (Wood) Woodland Animal Play Set (Wood) £20.00 Red Knights Set Red Knights Set £17.00 Tractor Wheelie Tractor Wheelie £6.50 Hedgehog Wheelie Hedgehog Wheelie £6.50 Unicorn Wheelie Unicorn Wheelie £6.50 Dinosaur Wheelie Dinosaur Wheelie £6.50