On the Move!

These vehicle sets, either city vehicles or diggers are great for play, colour recognition and fine motor skills.  With a break from the traditional wheel sets are the wheelies, including a Stegosaurus for dinosaur fans.

City Vehicles City Vehicles £18.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/city-vehicles Diggers & Things Diggers & Things £18.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/diggers-and-things Train Set Train Set £18.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/train-set Tractor Wheelie Tractor Wheelie £6.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/tractor-wheelie Hedgehog Wheelie Hedgehog Wheelie £6.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/hedgehog-wheelie Unicorn Wheelie Unicorn Wheelie £6.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/unicorn-wheelie Dinosaur Wheelie Dinosaur Wheelie £6.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/dinosaur-wheelie