Wooden Blocks & Games

Our wooden blocks sets and games are toys which aid learning as well as being fun.  From our blocks which allow a child's imagination to go wild to ABC blocks that help literacy skills, there's hours of fun to be had.


Foxy Magnetic Stacker Foxy Magnetic Stacker £15.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/foxy-magnetic-stacker Garden Stacker Toy Garden Stacker Toy £15.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/garden-stacker-toy Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/wooden-magnetic-fishing-game ABC BLocks Set ABC BLocks Set £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/abc-blocks-set Blue Building Bricks Blue Building Bricks £22.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/blue-building-bricks Pink Building Bricks Pink Building Bricks £22.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/pink-building-bricks Hammer Peg Teddy Hammer Peg Teddy £19.00 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/hammer-peg-teddy