Hooded Towels

The perfectly practical gift to welcome a new baby.  Our hooded towels make bathtime a breeze keeping baby snuggly and dry.

Rainbow Hooded Towel Rainbow Hooded Towel £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/personalised-rainbow-hooded-towel_2 Crown Design Hooded Towel Crown Design Hooded Towel £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/personalised-crown-design-hooded-towel Grey Star Hooded Towel Grey Star Hooded Towel £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/grey-star-hooded-towel Duck Design Hooded Towel Duck Design Hooded Towel £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/personalised-duck-design-hooded-towel Butterfly Design Hooded Towel Butterfly Design Hooded Towel £12.50 https://www.thefabricbug.co.uk/personalised-butterfly-design-hooded-towel